Takes the pressure OFF, right? Of that societal pressure of needing to have a ‘dream job’?

One of the biggest worries out there when it comes to career transition is “What if I do all this, and then I hate the job? I don’t actually know what it’s like!” SO, I’m interviewing people who do specific jobs to get SUPER granular on what they do all day, so you can see what it’s actually like to do the job – takes the pressure off!

I’m all about how all the areas of our life connect to each other in very deep ways, so I’m interviewing people who can help you have a healthier life in mind, body, soul, finances- you name it.

I’m having guest talk about networking and personal narrative and sometimes I’ll be on air by myself giving you tools and tips on a specific career related topic. Think blog but…podcast. Each episode has a checklist or a tool you can download to incorporate the lessons of the episode so you can build upon what you already know!

I’m answering listener questions live on the air so email podcast@jillozovek.com to submit one!

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You Don’t Need a Dream Job.

It’s OK to just LIKE your job or think it’s “just fine” so you can pour your LOVE and enthusiasm into the rest of your life…and who knows?

Maybe you’ll end up loving your job in the process.

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This is the premise the Career Passport Podcast is built on.

Now I’m not saying stay in toxic jobs that steal your soul on weekdays and bleed you dry on weekends as the dread increases until Sunday night when it’s at a fever pitch.

But I am saying there’s more to life. The Career Passport Podcast helps you navigate your career (and by extension, your life) in a calm, level-headed manner. How?

Yes, I Need This Podcast In My LifeYes, I Need This Podcast In My Life
Yes, I Need This Podcast In My Life