Have you ever thought or said things like:

“I don’t know what I’m qualified for.”

“I’ve applied to dozens of jobs but haven’t received so much as a call back.”

“I look at job description after job description and know the hiring manager wouldn’t even look at my application.”

“HR managers tell me I’m not a good fit for the role, but I thought I was.”

I get it. I’ve heard everyone from my private clients and Career Kitchen Dinner Salon participants to friends and even colleagues tell me that they struggle with “figuring it out.” 

I’m a huge proponent of finding a job you love but unfortunately, the systems we use to find our “dream jobs” are broken. Thankfully, there’s another way. A way that cuts out a huge percentage of your current job search, giving you back your time, energy and sanity.

Think about how it would feel to break free of the poorly written job descriptions and skip past the gatekeeper HR managers to:

You Will Leave This Retreat

  • Knowing your unique value proposition- that is, what experiences, skills, upbringing and interests make you an invaluable asset
  • Understanding what skills and experiences are most valuable for your future career development goals
  • Leads for what next fields, companies, industries and/or people to explore once you’re home with a step-by-step roadmap
  • With a concrete set of very specific next steps that you can go home and execute, not vague to-dos that never get done
  • Feeling good AND confident AND ready to keep moving 
  • With a new set of non-judgmental friends and allies who can help you with your next steps
  • An organic, fall seasonal menu prepared from scratch by a private chef to nourish you from the inside out
  • With a few nutrition tidbits to kickstart your energy into overdrive 
  • Well-rested (Seriously, we live in NYC. We’re never well-rested!)
What This Retreat IS NOT


  • It is NOT a “find your passion” weekend.  We believe there are enough of those.  And we believe that this notion, popular in our culture today, to “find your dream job” is instead not feasible and possibly anxiety producing and detrimental to career happiness AND progression
  • It is NOT a koombaya fest. Though we may meditate to help get in the right frame of mind, and we’ll definitely encourage real, sometimes uncomfortable conversations, we won’t be woo-woo about it. We are seriously kind, funny, supportive and smart women who are all about creating concrete takeaways and next steps, fast.
  • It is NOT a two-day job search session. We are working deeper and on important parts of the process before job searching even begins, so don’t expect to be applying for jobs!



Why Jill & The Career Passport Retreat Series?


LENGTH OF EXPERIENCE: Jill has over 9 years of experience coaching individuals through career transitions in corporate, consulting and group settings

TRACK RECORD: She has helped over 125 individuals in her private coaching and consulting practice since July 2013

TRACK RECORD: She has over a 94% success rate with group and private clients*

SENSE OF PLAY AND FUN: Her Career Kitchen Dinner Salons - Staycation retreats- have attracted three dozen clients since inception Summer 2017 (rave reviews below)

AHA MOMENTS: Jill is trained to find that critical Aha! Moment for you that helps you align a lot of things you’ve been thinking about, likely for years

MULTI-DISCIPLINARY APPROACH -> CONCRETE NEXT STEPS: Retreats are specifically planned to give you a comprehensive and beneficial blend of partner work, individual work, group hot-seat work, private coaching and quiet reflection time to dig deep in a short amount of time

HOLISTIC: We’re taking care of your mind, body, and soul all weekend with organic seasonal foods, a serene private location and quiet reflection time

TIME EFFECTIVE: You grow in leaps and bounds in two days what takes clients on average three months of time, energy (and maybe some blood sweat and tears!) to do on their own

COST EFFECTIVE: Private coaching starts at $2300, and this entire all-inclusive weekend comes in at a fraction of the cost. Not only will you get access to me for the entire weekend, including a 30-minute 1-on-1 session, but you’ll also have all your delicious meals and activities included. It’s a steal!


*Success means that goals outlined by client at outset of work were achieved and/or surpassed



Rough Itinerary

How many people will be at the lake house for the weekend?
We are capping attendance at 5 attendees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Trish G.
“[Event] was very natural and genuine- everyone was really friendly and open-hearted. I felt comfortable.”
Schuanne C.
“[From the event, I had a] self-revelation that I have lots of work to do….I also really loved listening to Jill’s career evolution and the evolution of her business.”
Sunday, September 17



(Subject to change)
Friday, September 15







Saturday, September 16











Car departs from NYC

Approximate arrival

Welcome Smoothie/Intros

Dinner on the Deck At Sunset

Intention Setting and Meditation by the Campfire






What is included in the trip?
There are no extra costs, so the registration fee includes the curriculum, all meals, snacks, lodging, transportation from NYC and activities.
Will I have my own room?
Yes, each attendee will have their own separate room/sleeping space.
Rave Reviews

  • control your career trajectory
  • feel confident about the moves you’re making 
  • see real results for your efforts 
  • make progress in your career advancement
  • find satisfaction more quickly and with less anxiety
Anny K.
"I love these types of events but I was also excited about the small number of attendees. I’ve been to bigger events and I felt I got a lot more out of this…The food made it more relaxed and I really liked the partner work to get to know someone even better.” 
Erica R.
“[I enjoyed] that it was an event with like-minded people and women from all different industries. Regardless of the fact that we are all different, we have very relatable stories and experiences. And great food!”
Emily P.
“Authentic! Fun! Casual! Relevant/Relatable journeys. Good, thought provoking questions, ideas and feedback”
Francine M.
“I loved the discussion and format and that it was a very specific topic with takeaways…hearing other people’s stories helps because it makes me feel less alone in my experience. I usually pick up a different viewpoint that changes how I frame my experience from things like this, and [The Career Passport Staycation Event] was no exception.”
Kelly D.
“When I heard about the event from you, I knew I had to come! I loved hearing where people were coming from – showed the experiences we have are often universal.”
Prudence N.
“Jill is a great leader to distill topics down, lead discussion and have people feel heard.
Elizabeth D.
“I enjoyed the advice and resources given and the opportunity to meet new people and discuss how to advance my career.” 
Mitti K.
“I came because of [knowing Jill’s style]! I was excited for the guidance to…make changes confidently….Meeting new people and gaining new perspectives rather than the same old from friends and family is really key.”

Curriculum + All Materials

Reflection time 

One 30 minute 1:1 coaching session

Transportation to and from Astoria NY 

Gourmet, seasonal and organic food – 5 meals + snacks – prepared by our chef Andrea Wein 

Lodging for 2 nights  

Cozy, bright and clean indoor lodging in the woods  

Lakefront property with hiking trails, access to water via swimming, paddle boat or row boat

Your Investment

$575 all inclusive*

The first 2 registrants can take advantage of the discounted $495 + 3% processing fee price!

EARLY BIRD SOLD OUT regular pricing is still available!

THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT! To stay up to date with future retreats click here.



Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds for this retreat.
What if I have food allergies or sensitivities?
Just make note of it on the registration form and we will ensure all food meets your needs!




Coming from NYC? Priceless




~ $190 per night = $380



Group Run/Walk/Hike (not mandatory)




Reflection time/30 minute private sessions available

Session + Snack Break

Reflection time

Dinner on the Deck at Sunset

Group Discussion/Hanging Out by the Fire/Activity


Final Takeaways Session (maybe a hot seat session per person, etc)

Private reflection time/solidifying takeaways and next steps/AMA (Ask Jill Anything)

Hardy Snack for the Road + Feedback Forms

Departure to NYC

+3% processing fee
*Seat is reserved upon receipt of payment in full
*Partial payments and payment plans are not available as options.
*Please let organizer know of any food allergies seven (7) days prior to the start of the event to allow for menu adjustments and recipe tinkering
*Participants must have completed the trip waiver in full by September 13, 2017


Value: $1763 ++

We're offering this $1763++ value for a fraction of the cost

For the first time ever, I’m diving deep in a new setting (hello, gorgeous lake house setting!) to help you figure out how to decode your career potential. 

Usually, I do this work 1-on-1 for thousands of dollars more, but for one weekend only, I’m taking the show on the (beautiful, tree-lined) road.  

THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT! To stay up to date with future retreats click here.

***Early Action Bonus ENDED But regular pricing is still available***

Be one of the first two participants to sign up and lock in a 15% discount off the cost of the weekend. You’ll pay just $495 instead of $575! 




Career Retreat: Decoding Your Career Potential 

September 15-17, 2017

Hawley, PA

  • Private chef Andrea Wien: I love putting a personal touch on meals, like making my own sauces or brewing specialty kombucha
  • Lover of delicious noms: I believe food should taste incredible (and that there's always time for tacos)
  • Nutrition nut: I've been gluten-free for 20 years, so food as medicine is my religion
  • Wealth sharer: Besides cooking, my favorite thing is teaching other people about good food and how to fuel their bodies  

About Our Private Chef for the Weekend

What if I'm not from NYC?
The included retreat transportation leaves from and returns to Astoria, Queens. If you would like to arrange your own transportation, you are more than welcome to do so. Please note The Career Passport Retreat will not reimburse for transportation costs outside of the sanctioned retreat transportation.





I have a couple more questions before I book. Who can I contact?
Awesome! We hope to have you. You can reach out to Jill directly at jill@jillozovek.com